As a sponsor of Kyyba Innovations 2019 Detroit FinTech Challenge, you are given access to a pool of talented designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to work on your specific challenges, needed solutions, or general technology interests. Sponsors and partners get to speak, mentor, judge, curate challenge statements, and receive global brand recognition throughout the event.


  • Kyyba Innovations has an international following and network created over years of helping cultivate the startup ecosystem, including India, Canada, Europe, and South America.
  • Influence the outside world and gain new social and professional connections.
  • Participate as a judge and pick the winners!
  • Access to new business, customers and talent.
  • Great platform to showcase brand and message.
  • First look at innovation and investment opportunities.
  • Speak at events.
  • Curate challenge statements.
  • Participate as a mentor.
  • Provide prizes or service packages to participating companies.
  • Support business and economic growth in Detroit.

Visibility Sponsor Levels
Diamond Sponsor
“Title Sponsor”
Inclusion in all event email blasts and social flyers. $ $ $ $
Displayed on website sponsor page. $ $ $ $
Participate as a mentor. $ $ $ $
Showcased as a sponsor/presenter in project documents and presentations at events. $ $ $ $
Mention of partnership in all press releases – Web URL included. $ $ $
Mention in press releases, but no web link included in press release. $
Logo on event T-shirt. $ $ $
Submit Challenge Statements. $ $ $
Mention of partnership in all interviews. $ $
Logo on event banner used for all photos and award ceremony. $ $
Judging Option. $ $
Logo on all registration page event banners. $ $
Speaking Option. 10 Minutes 5 Minutes
Company booth at event. $ $
Website Sponsor Banner on homepage. $
Title Sponsor brand visibility during event. $
Awards Ceremony - Logo on awards passed out. $

Additional sponsorship opportunities starting at just $500, please contact Sarah Myrand: sarahm@kyyba.com

Questions & Inquiries
Phone: (248) 254-4043